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1) Gaelic signposting plan for hospitals
2) Comunn GÓidhlig Ottawa launched / logo competition
3) Atlantic Gaelic Academy offers fluent level for September
- AGA now on Twitter
- online Verbs workshop May 2 - 3
4) An Comunn GÓidhealach Ameireaganach 13th Annual Scottish Gaelic
Immersion - Colorado Springs, June 4-7
5) Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week 2009 - July 5 - 10
6) M˛d nan Lochan M˛ra - Ohio - June 26 - 28.

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DVD: 1851 Exiles by Leodhas Macleod

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  • (5) It Lasts Forever: Video Synopsis This track was probably the hardest to put together, I hope people will read these notes before watching the video. I wanted this video to reflect the lyrics that Angus Macleod sings about. “Last night I had the strangest dream / the strangest dream of all / I dreamt I saw my grandfather / Walking in the hall” It begins with a bird’s eye view of Neil Macleod and his collie running on the beach and fades to an old photograph of my great great great grandfather Angus Riabhach Macleod.There are things that you don’t know yet /  This I can see / So keep your porch light burning strong / Through eternity / It lasts for ever, it lasts for always” The concept behind the comet traveling past the Isle of Lewis’ greatest landmarks - the Standing Stones of Callanish and the Carloway Broch – is meant to represent the eternal nature of these ancient monuments and, indeed, the ongoing heritage of the island which has been passed down from to generation to generation.

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