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1851 Exiles

Book: 1851 Exiles by Angus Macleod

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Lingwick Crofts

Book: Lingwick Crofts by Leodhas Macleod

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DVD 1851 Exiles

DVD: 1851 Exiles by Leodhas Macleod

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Winslow-Stornoway Crofts

Book: Winslow- Stornoway Crofts by Leodhas Macleod

Leodhas and Calum

Leodhas Macleod standing with legendary Macdonald Brother of Shader; Calum Dhaidh - May 2007

Welcome to! Here you will find everything you need to get started on your long journey into your ancestry from the Isle of Lewis, Eastern Townships of Quebec and Bruce County (Ripley). publications offers a wide range of books on Genealogy. This includes Cemetery Books from all the local cemeteries of the Eastern Townships of Quebec (ETQ), Croft Books - Lingwick Crofts and Stornoway-Winslow Crofts the first two books that chronicles well over 200 families that were cleared from Lewis and sent to the Eastern Townships of Quebec; a place locally known as “Scotch Country”. These books are heavily cross-linked, as the Lewis people in the Townships rarely married outside there villages and culture.

  • Mac’a noonoo and Leodhas Macleod’s “I’ve been everywhere, man” video now available for viewing on Myspace and Youtube
  • Lostbost is here...check BBC Alba’s new Gaelic (with english subtitles) Tv prgram..if you like it leave a comment!
  • Calum Martin has posted his first video from his CD Megantic Outlaw - Watch it here
  • New Gaelic Film/Documentary by Alison Mcapline of Toronto titled Second Sight
  • Wake of Calum Macleod - Watch the Gaelic Short Film here
  • Kingdom of the Gael (Documentary) Trailer coming very soon
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Featured Video - Lostbost - BBC ALBA parts 2 & 3

After the success of his indy CD “The Silent Ones” in which he tells the story through music of the Lewis Clearances and the 110 families struggle to Ripley, Ontario. Angus Macleod is now telling their story through words, in his nonfiction book 1851 Exiles.

1851 Exiles is about the personal struggles of those who were cleared and forced to settle in the new world, with a number of wonderful anecdotes and tales never before published. Breathtaking original photos by Le˛dhas Macleod including a number of rare old photographs. click here for more info...

Excerpt from Angus Macleod's "1851 Exiles"

Here lies my dear wife and child They to me, were dear and lovely Their time with me was short but sweet But now they are gone and I am lonely. So reads one of the stones in the Huron Presbyterian Church Cemetery or "Old Lewis Cemetery" as it is sometimes called - the inscription - a sad and lonely tribute from a husband to his dearly departed wife and child. The husband's obvious grief at the untimely death of his young family is reflected in the simple but poignant verse engraved on the tombstone.             read more here


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The Archive page is dedicated to anything related to the Isle of Lewis, Eastern Townships and Bruce County. From maps, surnames, clan histories, Megantic Outlaw, Gaelic Census reports, Chronology of Lewis history and internet links to everything Lewis. We are adding new pages everyweek so be sure to bookmark and contact us if you have anything to add, specially links - to those who emailed us in the past with links please resned them so we cal add them. Leodhas Macleod

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