The Earl of Orkney banished Gunni Olafson (Macaulay) to Lewis.




Thormod Thorkelson was in Lewis with wife, men and goods.




Olaf the Black dies




Treaty of Perth




Leòd, son of Olaf the Black and father to the clan Macleod died. Tormod Sìol Macleod, 2nd or 3rd Chief (?)




Torquil Sìol Macleod, 4th Chief was born




Earls of Ross held Lewis by Crown Charter, later passed to the Lords of Isles.




John, Lord of the Isles retained Lewis when he made peace with David 2nd: Torquil Macleod (4th Chief) held Lewis as a vassal of the House of Islay, and a royal grant of Assynt was given to him.




Roderick Sìol Macleod, 6th Chief was born




Torquil Sìol Macleod, 7th Chief was born




Battle of Harlaw




Roderick Sìol Macleod, 8th Chief was born




Torquil Sìol Macleod, 9th Chief was born




Malcolm Sìol Macleod, 10th Chief was born




Roderick’s eldest son was killed fighting Angus Òg at the Battle of Bloody Bay, on the side of Angus Òg’s father John, Lord of the Isles. Torquil Macleod, brother to Roderick and 7th chief married Catherine of Argyle. Torquil was distinguished in his day and supported Dhòmhnaill Dubh mac Aonghais, last of the Lord of the Isles.




Roderick Òg Macleod made submission to James IV, he died in 1498




Roderick Sìol Macleod, 11th Chief was born (1500-1595)




The end of the Lord of Isles, Donald Dubh forfeits to the Earl of Huntly




A summons was issued on December 24th, on the apprehension of Torquil IX.




Castle Stornoway was besieged by the Earl of Huntly. (This is the first mentioned of a Castle Stornoway) The whole island is reduced to submission and Torquil vanishes from History.




Malcolm, Torquil’s brother was made chief by the government and died in The death of Malcolm, 9th Chief; is buried at the Eye, Aignish.




John MacThorcuil was made chief by the Macleod’s as the more direct heir.




John MacThorcuil was present at Creag an Airgid 1518, in which MacIain of Ardnamurchan was killed along with his two sons.




John MacThorcuil died and was succeeded by his cousin Rory Mòr. Roderick, better known as Old Rory Mòr becomes the 11th Chief and from the very beginning fixed on self-destruction, and with him the Sìol Macleod of the Lews.




Rory Mòr was forced with many other Hebridean Chiefs to accompany James V on his tour of the Northern and Western Isles. Rory Mòr was later released.




Rory Mòr was granted a new charter for his lands, erecting them into the free barony of Lewis.




Torquil Cononach was born and said to be the son of Hugh Morrison, Brieve and Chief of the Morison clan. Old Rory Mòr Macleod disowned Torquil Cononach.




Rory was engaged in treasonable activities, being at one time a member of the Council of the Isles, which sought to transfer allegiance to the King of England.




Queen Mary sends letter to Torquil Oighre (Heir) a promising young lad.




Torquil Oighre Macleod and his companions drowned while crossing from Trotternish to Lewis. Torquil Oighre’s mother was Barbara Stewart, daughter of Lord Avondale (2nd wife of Rory Mòr). This is the time when the surname Stewart first came to Lewis.




Brieve Hugh Morrison died; his son John succeeded him as Brieve.




The Raid of Hugh Macdonald….After the drowning death of Torquil Oighre, Donald Gorm of Sleat laid claim to Lewis and proceeded to gather a force to attack the island. With the help of clan Maclaren of Lewis, the battle began at Barvas and ended at Loch Seaforth. The Valiant hero Malcolm Macaulay (Donald Cam’s uncle) led the defeat of the Macdonald raid. The Maclarens became a broken clan and forced to change their surname to Maclennan and Campbell.




Jeannete Maclean (3rd Wife of Rory Mòr), Duart—had two sons, Torquil Dubh, decapitated at Ullapool by John Morrison, the Brieve, Murdo Macleod and supported by the Mackenzies and Tormod, died in Holland.




Rory MacChaluim, notorious for the slaughter of his kinsfolk, died at age of 95.




Torquil Dubh Macleod was decapitated in the morning of July. Torquil Dubh was so well liked, that upon his death the sun darkened, an earthquake shook the island and dairy maids could get nothing but squirts of blood from their cows. Macleod gathers a force to seek vengeance on the Morisons of Ness.




James VI made an Act to all the landowners of the Highlands and Islands to produce writs and charters to the exchequer. They had until May 15th, 1598 to comply and failure to do so could cost them their lands. The Mackenzies stole the writs and charters from the Macleods, and Lewis was lost to James VI.




King James VI grants Lewis to a group of men from Fife to colonize and civilized the island.




Neil Odhar Macleod accepts the terms of the Fife Adventurers and went to Edinburgh, taking with him twelve Morrison heads including that of Alan Morrison and his two brothers in a sack, and on the intercession of the Fifers, he received a pardon for his past misdeeds.




John Macdonald, the Cochull Glas lived during this time, he is known in Uig as a valiant Hero, and sometimes a partner of Donald Cam.




(1605?) Malcolm Mòr mac Iain (Morrison) was captured by Macleod of Handa and taken to Stornoway. He is handed over to Norman Macleod, brother to Torquil Dubh and had Malcolm Mòr beheaded.




Neil Macleod and Donald Cam Macaulay took Castle Stornoway. Donald Cam’s brother Angus was killed by a single shot from the castle.




Neil Odhar Macleod broke his word to the Fife Gentlemen




The deeds to Lewis that were given to the Fifers by James VI were now sold to Mackenzie of Kintail for the woods of Letterewe.




Donald Cam Macaulay and his brother Malcolm Macaulay were wanted by the Privy Council for this and other wicked acts.




Donald Cam Macaulay marries a Maclaren (?) from Galson.




July, Privy Council: “Warrant to Rory Macleod of Harris to keep in his custody until the next – Donald Cam Macaulay and Malcolm Macaulay to the effect the Lords of the Council may at that time give such other directions anent them as shall seem most meet and expedient, for the quietness of the country”. Betrayal of the MacLeod’s of Harris/Dunvegan




The Indictment of Neil Macleod, for Fire-Raising-Burning-Murder-Theft-Piracy




Donald MacIain Dubh – Alan’s brother (Brieve) was wanted for treasonable practices and murders…this would be the last mentioned of the Brieves in Lewis.




Donald Cam Macaulay is said to have died in Valtos, Uig




Battle of Auldearn, by Montrose, 300 Lewis men destroyed – only three came back.


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